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  • As always, thanks to 100.3 The Q for your support. You guys rock our world (we hope we reel yours)!
  • Check out our friends at The Ocean 98.5 FM in Victoria. Special thanks to the Ocean's Mike Lowe for the mention on his bio page. Mike said: "This is the best idea I've seen on the web yet..."
  • Thanks to the Mother of All Movie Sites, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for linking to ForReel. We bow to your greatness!
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  • Cinecenta, the theatre at UVic, has been a supporter of ForReel from the beginning. On behalf of the contest winners and ForReel staff members, thank you for the great films and countless free passes!
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We developed this site to give you quick access to information: local movie listings, plot summaries, and links to trailers and other 'official' information. We choose not to write original movie reviews because there are many other sites on the internet that provide such information. For your convenience, we've compiled a list of links to the most comprehensive movie review sites we've found:

Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Rotten Tomatoes

Screen It! - Movie reviews for parents

Roger Ebert's Reviews


Real Movies Clips and trailers for Real Player

Is your favourite review site missing from this list? Submit the link and we'll take a look.



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  • How are films rated in British Columbia? The BC Film Classification Board has information on the rating system and a list of ratings for all films shown in the province since 1990.
  • is a great source of info on films currently in production.
  • Canadian film distributor Lions Gate Films has brought us some great films, including Gods and Monsters and Affliction. Visit their site to find out what's coming up.
  • Need a giggle? Check out the Movie Cliches List.
  • Meet all of the characters (real and fictional) in the View Askew-niverse. View Askew Productions are the folks, led by writer/director Kevin Smith, who brought you the 1994 cult classic Clerks and the 1999 film, Dogma.
  • Do you like to play the stock market? Try the Hollywood Stock Exchange! Use a free account with 2 million Hollywood bucks to invest in movies, then buy and sell stocks to make your bucks grow. This site gets 2 million ForReel cool points!
  • Check out the official site for the campiest movie of all time: The Rocky Horror Picture Show!
  • One of the best movies released in 2004 was Zach Braff's Garden State. The site includes behind-the-scenes video clips and Zach's blog, where he shares his experiences of making and promoting his first film.

Know of a cool movie site? Submit the link and we'll take a look.



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